Joshua & Shannon Bufis

Joshua Bufis

Joshua Bufis is a native of Daytona Beach, Florida, and has diligently studied the Bible and leadership under the ministry of Mark and Kathy Edwards after moving to Raleigh eight years ago. He is passionate about discipleship and beginning new ministries, with giftings in leadership, administration, and teaching.

Joshua became an elder of Oak City Fellowship in 2014 with his wife, Shannon, whom he married in 2009. The Bufises have a tremendous five year old son named Josiah. Joshua also works in retail management and faithfully shares the love of Christ in the marketplace. He truly practices what he preaches in everyday life.

Shannon Bufis

Shannon Bufis was saved in 1999 and was baptized by Mark Edwards. She has been trained by and served alongside Mark and Kathy Edwards for over 18 years, starting churches, developing spiritual leaders, and discovering creative ways to share God's love with others and speak His thoughts to them. Shannon has strong pastoral gifts and the gift of mercy. She is passionate about helping others accomplish their purpose in life and is a gifted counselor.

Shannon hails from Indiana but has lived in Raleigh since 2005. She married her husband, Joshua, in 2009 and enjoys being the mother of an active five year old, Josiah. Shannon became an elder of Oak City Fellowship in 2014 and faithfully oversees the children’s ministry and prayer teams of OCF.